The wines from the Clos de l’Obac and Miserere properties and those from the Dolç de l’Obac and Kyrie vineyards are made by a blending method that is based on a system involving the same varieties and percentages of grapes each year, according to the four specific coupages that have been chosen for each of the four wines. The purpose of this method is to assure that each year the characteristics of our continental and Mediterranean climate will be those that define, by contrast, the personality and character of each wine, and not the characteristics of a random blending wine that would be used to adjust the vintage. With this system, regardless of the climatic variants, the challenge is to produce a great wine with each harvest, a wine that reflects the distinguishing traits of the year’s four seasons taken as a whole.

The Costers del Siurana wines go through an extremely precise and meticulous cask aging process. Once the winemaking process has been completed, depending on the outdoor temperature, the wine is left to repose for three or four months in the fermentation and storage vats in contact with the intense winter cold in order to bring about a natural stabilisation without the need to use refrigerated vats and stirring paddles.

Afterwards, the wine is transferred, always by gravity, to the aging room, where it is kept in casks of French oak of the limousin, allier and nevers varieties, remaining there between ten and fifteen months depending on the characteristics of the vintage. During this time it is goes through a decanting process based on manual transfers, using a candle for verification, in order to separate the sediment which is deposited on the bottom of the casks and which could otherwise make a dirty wine or alter its good tastes. During the aging period, the casks are exposed to the winter cold of El Priorat in order to produce a second natural stabilisation. Likewise, advantage is taken of this time of year to carry out manual clarifications with egg whites, cask by cask.